Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 9.45.48 PMBuderific… for those who knew Bud, that’s what he was… Buderific. He was a great man to everyone he met. He was husband to follow, a dad to learn from, a grandfather to cherish and a friend to lean on. I spent many of conversations about his love for his blog, his space to clear his head and to write his thoughts down.

To honor him, I recreated this page so that we can share our favorite memories of the buderific Bud Martin.

Over the years we all have grown to love Bud for many reasons, what’s yours?


11 Responses to In Honor of Bud

  1. Brad Hensley says:

    I considered Bud a good friend, a father figure to myself. He was a great hugger! He was always willing to listen to me ramble on about my day to day stuff. On the production team, we grew closer and over the years of talking about church and his blog, we discussed many times his “searching for God’s truth in the egomaniacal sea”…

    In the depths of my heart, I know his fight is over. He is partying it up in Heaven right now… probably running some serious strobe light effects or the patented ‘Bud Shot’ from the cameras… however I’m not sure why there’d be cameras in Heaven…? He’ll find it if it’s there…

    Gonna miss you Bud! Gonna miss shaking your hand on Sunday and sharing each and every week with you! See you soon enough!

  2. Cris says:

    Bud I will miss your smile, your hugs were the best, you had a way of making whoever you were around feel special. I loved hearing your passion for Jesus and your deep thoughts on life. I love your sweet family & we all have grown together as one big church family. It won’t be the same without you Bud!

  3. Cathy Bond says:

    I can’t believe that you are gone Bud..we always enjoyed the small group with you and Linda and Pennie and Roger and Cindi and Ken..We would discuss the sermon from the Sunday service. ..we all enjoyed your leading and keeping the group on track..there was alot of interesting discussions.I just loved hearing everyone’s imput and thoughts….also loved yours and Linda’s hospitality and all the yummy snacks you guys made for us each week…you and Alan got into some interesting discussions too. ..I hope you run into him in heaven and you can continue your
    talks cause he thought highly of you and all the wisdom you showed us…I agree you were a good hugger I think that stems from a genuine concern and care for others and not being afraid to show you care about people …Bud you will be missed….

  4. Tyler Stooksbury says:

    Bud, I loved you man. I loved your family. I loved you character. I always enjoyed talking and serving alongside you man. I always though you were one of the coolest people. You were a really talented awesome guy. When I found out about everything I really thought a lot man. I thought about when the onelife band had a cookout at your place. You guys were so hospitable and had awesome food. I remember you giving us a tour at your house. It was so cool and I cherish those times. Thank you so much. I thank God that he made our paths cross.

  5. Anna V says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Bud was a great man whom I respected and looked up to. He is in the heart of everyone that he came into contact with. He will be missed and you, my dear, are in Jordan and I’s prayers. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask!

  6. Robin Parris says:

    I will miss his warm, comforting hugs too. He always made an effort to get to me and wrap his arms around me and ask me how I was. I will miss that and him so much. I love you, Bud!

  7. Chelle says:

    It was truly an honor to serve next to Bud at church. He had a contagious smile and hugs that made you feel like family. I had the privilege of seeing Bud and his beautiful wife Linda get baptized by their son, Dylan. This moment radiated through them all and was a blessing to witness. I will miss seeing him delight in his family and his inspirational love for God.

  8. Cathy Bond says:

    I want to take this opportunity to say this is a good day to give thanks to God for placing Bud in our lives.

    We know that God has made some irrevocable promises to Bud  Awhile ago Bud became 

     a child of God and was baptized.  That was a relationship that God promised never to abandon.  it is important to let those words sink in

    .   “What can separate us from God’s love?  Nothing, nada, zip, zilch, not the stupid things we do, not the little mistakes we make, not the big blunders that hurt others, not anything at all.”  God’s love in Christ Jesus is for all time, and it is for Bud 

    We know that God made the promise to Bud to love him, to be with him in thick and thin, and to forgive him.  God promised to forgive Bud. That brings me peace today.

    We know that God promised Bud everlasting life.  Jesus goes ahead to prepare a place for Bud That brings me hope.

    Ultimately, we know that God is the source of healing; bringing promise, forgiveness, and most importantly … hope ..Just remember that no one has the answers except God .Hold on to his hand it is unchanging. 

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  9. John Rose says:

    Still Shocked! Bud was always kind and honest to me. He never seemed to be negative about his environment or current situation. I lost track with him for several years. We again started doing business this year. It seemed we just picked up where we left off. We had several lunches where we discussed our faith and church work. Bud you will be missed, your shinning light is still there in the efforts of your faith and work. May Bud’s family continue to recognize God’s Blessing.

  10. Julie Tallent says:

    Bud Martin, a man I looked up to and gave me some of the best Sunday morning talks after his infectious smile lit up the room and his huge hugs that took your breath away. You meant so much to me and my kids. Always hugging them and letting them know you and Jesus loved them. Your love for Jesus was so apparent in every conversation we had. I find peace knowing you are dancing up and down the streets of Heaven and sharing those hugs with so many. It was my honor to know you and so blessed to know Linda and Dylan. I will miss your Sunday morning joy and just everything about your constant encouragement to others! You truly were Buderific! I will not say good bye, only see you later. We will miss you so incredibly much!

  11. Becky Hancock says:

    I met Bud Martin during the Tennessee Theatre restoration completed in 2005. I was the General Manager of the Theatre and he was the project manager for the electrical contractor, so Bud was integral to the success of this very complicated and detailed project. He was fully committed to its success and felt great pride being involved in such a worthwhile endeavor. On opening night in January 2005, after all the crowds had left, a small group of us went out for a drink to celebrate. The enormity of what just happened really began to sink in. Bud and I cried tears of joy for being involved in such a great project. That is a special memory I will never forget.

    We stayed in touch after that, and my husband Steve and I sometimes went to dinner with Bud and Linda. He also helped us with electrical work at our 100-year-old house, either doing it himself or recommending good people to do it. He loved chatting with Steve in the garage about his racing days, and always showed great interest in Steve’s latest motorcycle rebuilding project. We four also shared a love of music. We heard Mindy Smith and Blue Mother Tupelo together, and Bud and Linda graciously and enthusiastically attended a small public performance that Steve and I did with friends a few years ago.

    Bud was so devoted to Linda, and she to him. The love between them was fierce and true. I admired their commitment to each other and it served as an example for me and my marriage to Steve.

    And Bud loved God fiercely, too. He was always looking for ways to share the message of Jesus’ love. He seemed anxious that he couldn’t share that message fast enough and with enough people. But what he may not have realized was that the way he treated others every day, the way he honored and cherished Linda, the way he gave an easy smile, a listening ear, and a helping hand, he was actually sharing the love of Jesus every day. People experienced the love of Jesus just by knowing Bud. That will be his lasting legacy.

    I am heartbroken that Bud is gone, but his impact in this world will be felt for many generations to come. And I know I’ll see Bud again someday. I look forward to that sideways grin, that big bear hug, and the hearty laugh. Love you, Bud.

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